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Glaucoma Test Using the iCare Tonometer

Glaucoma TestingThe Icare® tonometer is an easy-to-use instrument that measures the pressure inside of the eye, called the intraocular pressure(IOP). This test is used to detect glaucoma and has revolutionized early detection and control, by making the IOP measuring routine, quick and effortless.

The Icare® tonometer is painless and requires no drops or anesthetic. With it’s very light touch to the cornea, it measures in only a fraction of a second. The measurement is barely noticeable by the patient.

This technology is based on a proven accurate measuring principle, in which a very light probe is used to make momentary and gentle contact with the cornea. This device makes measuring intraocular pressure a more pleasant experience.

We NO longer use the “PUFF OF AIR” instrument for testing pressure of the eye.