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Vision Problems

  • Color blindness test

    Color Blindness

    A recent football game during “Color Rush” raised quite an awareness to color blindness. The Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets faced off wearing solid colored jerseys. The Bills […]

    Continue Reading November 17, 2015

  • Eye Floaters

    Eye Floaters: Are They Serious?

    Eye floaters can be a common experience for many people. Have you ever experienced small moving spots appearing in your field of vision? There are different types of eye floaters […]

    Continue Reading November 4, 2015

  • Eyelid Twitching

    Eyelid Twitches

    A common eye complaint we hear about a lot this time of year is eyelid twitches. You’ve most likely experienced them yourself. Eyelid twitches are uncontrolled movement of an eyelid […]

    Continue Reading December 5, 2014

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